Nonviolent Direct Action Principles

Nonviolent direct action has been a catalyst for positive change throughout history. When we come together to confront the oil industry at the annual New Zealand Pe- troleum Conference in Taranaki we are all agreeing to certain values that are core in ensuring a successful act of nonviolent direct action.

There are many different ways in which we all need to work together to do that.

Look out for each other. Respect the physical, emotional, and mental boundaries and the safety of our fellow activists.

Take responsibility for your behaviour and understand the ways in which it can affect others. We value freedom of expression, but not at the cost of alienating or harming other participants.

Proactively foster an environment of respect, safety and support for all of your fellow participants regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, appearance or social standing, embracing diversity and inclusion while speaking out against anything to the contrary.

Any attire, signs or props should support the messaging of the protest and need to convey, and not contradict, the message of nonviolence.

All participants reserve the right to ask participants who have made others feel uncomfortable, threatened, or unsafe to change or address their behaviour or language.

Know that support will be available. Volunteers will be on site during the event to talk to participants about any problematic behaviour or situation and to offer support. There will also be a table set up with members from the coalition to answer any questions and offer a supportive environment away from crowds.

Nonviolence can mean different things to different people. The coalition has decided that hateful verbal abuse, physical aggression and property damage are not acceptable.

We thank you for standing with us and committing to these values for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.