Frequently Asked Questions

Who is organising this action?
The People’s Climate Rally is a coalition of organisations and individuals from the Taranaki region and throughout Aotearoa, all committed to real climate action and a sustainable future. Organising groups include Climate Justice Taranaki, Frack Free, Oil Free Wellington, Greenpeace and 350 Aotearoa.

Why isn’t this action taking place over a weekend?
The organisers of the Petroleum Conference planned their conference during the week, probably to minimise protest. This makes it a little inconvenient, but it’s up to us to show that our resistance is undiminished.

Do I need to be there the entire time?
No, but we think it is totally worth coming the whole time if you can. The main action day will be Wednesday the 22nd of March and we strongly encourage participants to arrive in time for the Powhiri at 2.30pm on Tuesday, followed by a briefing for Wednesday. There will be a range of other workshops, speakers and music, and Thursday will be largely devoted to solutions and a just transition, so the longer you are able to stay the better! If you can’t make the Tuesday, we are also arranging Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) and info nights beforehand in various regions. Let us know if this interests you.

Where can I get more information about the program?
We will be updating this website as details are finalised for education workshops, speakers and other entertainment. Before the event, there will be information evenings in various regions which will cover further details of the event and include training in Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA). Register on the homepage to get email updates, and be informed about your local event.

How can I get there?
If you are thinking of attending from outside of the region, great! We’d love to help you out. We are currently looking to arrange mini buses from towns and cities across the country to try and reduce costs for you and fossil fuel emissions. We encourage you to link up with others and car pool on the facebook event page, but can also offer assistance with this. Intercity and Naked Bus offer low cost connections to New Plymouth if you want to arrange your own transport. If you register on our home page we can provide you with information about options from where you are.

Where can I stay?
We have arranged group accommodation in the area. This allows everyone to be together (for briefings and to make new connections) and also makes transportation a lot easier. We encourage anyone who can make it to be there for the official welcome and Powhiri at 14.30 Tuesday 21st. (If you were arriving after this time, you’d need to wait at the entry gate until the Powhiri is complete). Perhaps a good idea to refresh yourself on Marae protocol; No food or drinks in the wharenui / communal house. No alcohol. Don’t sit or stand on tables.

We are also able to provide billeting with locals, and of course if it suits you better you are free to make your own arrangements. Again, please register your details on the homepage if you want assistance with this.

Will I need to bring food?
Dinner on Tuesday 21st, breakfast and lunch on Wednesday 22nd, and breakfast on Thursday 23rd including vegetarian and vegan options will be provided at the group accommodation. We recommend bringing snacks for the time that you’re there and of course if you have extra produce from your garden feel free to bring it along to share!

Who is the media contact?
Please send an email to and we will put you in touch with the right person.

What are the costs of attendance?
We are working hard to create an event where money is not a barrier for participation. If you or your group need help, let us know via email. If you would like to donate to help cut costs for others attending, thank you so much! There is a crowdfunding section on our website.

Will this event be wheelchair accessible?
Almost entirely, yes. Accommodation, main events and the action location are all wheelchair accessible. There will be a couple of sessions in the program that will not be wheelchair accessible, but we will ensure there are other sessions running concurrently that will be.

I can’t make it to the event, what can I do to help out?
There are a many ways you would help including donating to our GiveaLittle Page, spread the word by Inviting friends to the facebook event and share this webpage. You can find flyer and poster designs available for download on the website to be distributed in your neighbourhood! During the event, we will be posting updates as things unfold.

If you would like to donate to support the event and reduce costs for those that can make it, please donate to our crowdfunding page 

Is this event family friendly?
We are striving to make this as open and participatory as possible and the program of events will include spaces and activities that are child friendly. However please bear in mind that some of the activity on Wednesday 22nd will be focused on the peaceful blockade outside the conference venue, so that won’t be a suitable aspect to be involved in with little ones. There will be plenty of activity going on around this that will be suitable for kids to be around, and we’ll also have a table set up with kids activities. We won’t be providing any child care, so you will need to be responsible for your young ones at all times.

Will I get arrested if I take part?
Taking part does not mean you’ll get arrested - it’s up to each person to decide what their level of participation will be. The activities at the Oil Conference have been designed so that anyone who wants to be there, in whatever capacity, can take part in some way to show their opposition to the conference and oil drilling in NZ.

Whilst we don’t anticipate mass arrests and getting people arrested is certainly not the aim, if you are involved in some roles in the non-violent blockade this could involve the risk of arrest. Again, it’s up to the individual to decide which team they want to be involved in, and to make decisions on the day that work for you personally; If you are part of the blockade, you can leave whenever you choose to.

There will be Non Violent Direct Action trainings and activity briefings run in some towns and cities around NZ beforehand, and on the Tuesday evening (21st) to make sure everyone is fully informed around the principles of non-violence and peaceful protest of the People’s Climate Rally, and addressing any personal risk involved in taking part. We will have a legal liaison team on the day of activity keeping an eye out when anyone is arrested and making sure they are supported when released.

To find out about an info and NVDA session near you, please register so we can keep you informed.

What will happen afterwards if I do get arrested?
There’ll be a support network in place afterwards, so it’ll be important that we collect names and contact details from anyone who is arrested so we can all be in touch and discuss legal representation and support if legal proceedings go forward. A support member of the coalition will remain in contact with those arrested, and provide information and support until all legal proceedings are wrapped up.

The coalition will have a solicitor working with us who would offer to represent you / the group of people arrested. The coalition will also facilitate fundraising and crowd-funding to help cover any legal fees and fines incurred if the cases go to court (NB, not all arrests result in a court appearance, and not all court appearances result in a conviction).